At the beginning of this beautiful summer, David started researching how to fix our green pond problem. Like many people may know as soon as the sun starts to shine some ponds turn greener leaving it so you can’t see any of the fish. So he set out to fix this issue! After talking to Oase Living water he came back with the solution that would not only fix our green water issue but start us on a new adventure into our pond and water garden department.

When the water became so clear you could see our turtles walk on the bottom, David began designing and building some smaller ponds that would eventually house the selection of pond plants from Beaver plants – which we now sell! This selection includes waterlily’s, Caltha PalustrisMarsh Marigold, Iris PseudacorusVariegatus, Lobelia, Queen Victoria – Red Cardinal and many more.

Once the plants were in place, we started to get ready for the rest of the pond department to arrive. We are now stockists of Oase Living Water, therefore we can help you with all of your pond requirements. Whether that may be a fountain pump from the Aquarius universal range or you are after a floating fountain like the Pondjet, maxi 2, or Midi 2 Ranges. We can also help you work out which AquaMax Filter pump would work best for your size pond and what kind of filter would do the best job for your needs.

In need of a pond skimmer? Then look no further. The Swimskim range is a floating skimmer with a built in pump, or if you require a permanent installation Skimmer the BioSys Skimmer + might be the one for you.

That’s not even all we do, so pop over and have a look. Our staff are currently going through online training so we should be able to answer any questions you may have and help you to achieve your dream pond and water garden.