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02 Dec 2021

Christmas Closing Times

We will be closing on FRIDAY 24TH DECEMBER 2021 AT 12PM and reopening on TUESDAY 4TH JANUARY 2022 AT 7.30AM

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year from all at Kings Landscaping Ltd

20 Jul 2021

Face Masks

The safety of our staff and customers is our top priority, therefore we will be encouraging the use of face masks and sanitiser whilst in the shop.

Not all our staff have been fully vaccinated, we hope you respect our decision.


05 Nov 2020

We’re Still Open!

Kings will be remaining open as normal during the second lockdown, in line with Government guidance.

Please wear face coverings and sanitise your hands before entering the shop.

Many thanks for your continued support. Stay safe!

29 Sep 2020

New Painting Stock Just Rolled In

We’re always expanding our range of products here at Kings, with the latest addition to the shop being painting and decorating supplies.

From brushes and rollers, to paint and wood stain, why not pop in and see if we’ve got what you need!


28 Sep 2020

Aquaplancton – Now In Stock!

Aquaplancton is a specially processed mineral of planktonic origin, it comes in a powder form which is spread over the surface of the water to clear pollution.

Its works naturally by stimulating the activity of beneficial bacteria and micro-organisms, which then consume the silt.

This product;

  • Clears green water, sludge, odours and duckweed.
  • Stabilises water acidity to pH values favourable to aquatic life.
  • Is not harmful to pets, plants, fish and any kind of water life.
  • Starves algae and blanketweed of nutrition, causing them to die out naturally.

Before and After pictures coming soon!                                      

22 Jul 2020

Face Masks

Following Government guidelines from Friday 24th July, face masks must be worn inside the shop. Thank you for your cooperation.

03 Jun 2020

A Big Thank You

Things may look a little different here at Kings, with our one in one out system, social distancing and a strict cleaning routine (Thanks Maree) but our brilliant team are working just as hard! So, as a little thank you, David treated his employees to an extra large jar of sweeties and from what I’ve heard they went down a treat!

David and the team also wanted to show their support and thanks to the NHS and all key workers for everything they’re doing during this difficult time. Our way of doing this was to have rainbows put on the delivery vehicles.

16 Aug 2019

Clear Water

We all have hopes of having crystal clear water, where you can admire all of the different pond life, but in reality they go green and murky. So why is this and what can you do to solve this issue that so many of us come across? Most of us have experienced this unsightly problem when there is a nutrient imbalance, this causes the algae to grow and multiply. Fish in the pond also contribute to this, when their waste produce gets broken down into nitrates, this then helps to feed the algae. To add to this already growing problem, any sunlight that hits the surface water will help the algae to multiply even faster! Therefore ponds become greener in the spring and summertime.

In January 2018 a lot of our plants and pond weed had become overgrown and out of control, so we decided to remove the majority of these. However, this lead to a bigger water surface area and with a smaller volume of plants helping to keep the pond healthy, our trusty old pump and filtration system couldn’t keep up with the extra work. This is where our solution came about! After talking to Oase living water they recommended the Filto Clear – 12000 Pro with an AquaMax Eco – 8000 Pro premium pump set. The larger filter now handles the extra waste going through!

Another way to help is by having the correct balance of plants – at least 1/3 of the pond surface should have plants. The more surface area you can cover with plants (Water Lilies work well) the less the sunlight can hit the surface, meaning algae will multiply at a slower rate. Plants are a great way to help regulate excessive nutrients.

There are also a number of liquid treatments available for all our pond problems, one of these being Green Away – which is a naturally safe treatment that works by removing suspended algae. You can also use something as simple as Barley Straw, although this treatment will take 2-6 weeks to completely clear the algae, green water and blanket weed. It is 100% natural, which makes it a safe option for wildlife.