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03 Jun 2020

A Big Thank You

Things may look a little different here at Kings, with our one in one out system, social distancing and a strict cleaning routine (Thanks Maree) but our brilliant team are working just as hard! So, as a little thank you, David treated his employees to an extra large jar of sweeties and from what I’ve heard they went down a treat!

David and the team also wanted to show their support and thanks to the NHS and all key workers for everything they’re doing during this difficult time. Our way of doing this was to have rainbows put on the delivery vehicles.

16 Aug 2019

Clear Water

We all have hopes of having crystal clear water, where you can admire all of the different pond life, but in reality they go green and murky. So why is this and what can you do to solve this issue that so many of us come across? Most of us have experienced this unsightly problem when there is a nutrient imbalance, this causes the algae to grow and multiply. Fish in the pond also contribute to this, when their waste produce gets broken down into nitrates, this then helps to feed the algae. To add to this already growing problem, any sunlight that hits the surface water will help the algae to multiply even faster! Therefore ponds become greener in the spring and summertime.

In January 2018 a lot of our plants and pond weed had become overgrown and out of control, so we decided to remove the majority of these. However, this lead to a bigger water surface area and with a smaller volume of plants helping to keep the pond healthy, our trusty old pump and filtration system couldn’t keep up with the extra work. This is where our solution came about! After talking to Oase living water they recommended the Filto Clear – 12000 Pro with an AquaMax Eco – 8000 Pro premium pump set. The larger filter now handles the extra waste going through!

Another way to help is by having the correct balance of plants – at least 1/3 of the pond surface should have plants. The more surface area you can cover with plants (Water Lilies work well) the less the sunlight can hit the surface, meaning algae will multiply at a slower rate. Plants are a great way to help regulate excessive nutrients.

There are also a number of liquid treatments available for all our pond problems, one of these being Green Away – which is a naturally safe treatment that works by removing suspended algae. You can also use something as simple as Barley Straw, although this treatment will take 2-6 weeks to completely clear the algae, green water and blanket weed. It is 100% natural, which makes it a safe option for wildlife.

23 Jul 2019

Pumped about Ponds

At the beginning of this beautiful summer, David started researching how to fix our green pond problem. Like many people may know as soon as the sun starts to shine some ponds turn greener leaving it so you can’t see any of the fish. So he set out to fix this issue! After talking to Oase Living water he came back with the solution that would not only fix our green water issue but start us on a new adventure into our pond and water garden department.

When the water became so clear you could see our turtles walk on the bottom, David began designing and building some smaller ponds that would eventually house the selection of pond plants from Beaver plants – which we now sell! This selection includes waterlily’s, Caltha PalustrisMarsh Marigold, Iris PseudacorusVariegatus, Lobelia, Queen Victoria – Red Cardinal and many more.

Once the plants were in place, we started to get ready for the rest of the pond department to arrive. We are now stockists of Oase Living Water, therefore we can help you with all of your pond requirements. Whether that may be a fountain pump from the Aquarius universal range or you are after a floating fountain like the Pondjet, maxi 2, or Midi 2 Ranges. We can also help you work out which AquaMax Filter pump would work best for your size pond and what kind of filter would do the best job for your needs.

In need of a pond skimmer? Then look no further. The Swimskim range is a floating skimmer with a built in pump, or if you require a permanent installation Skimmer the BioSys Skimmer + might be the one for you.

That’s not even all we do, so pop over and have a look. Our staff are currently going through online training so we should be able to answer any questions you may have and help you to achieve your dream pond and water garden.

27 Jul 2018

Stumped for Ideas?

Looking for something different to add to your mundane garden? Why not create a stumpery with a scorched tree root planted up with; ferns, evergreens and deciduous plants to make that dull corner bright again. A perfect way of recycling old tree stumps!

Stumperies are a great way of bringing your garden back to life, not only do they make an interesting feature, they will encourage in all kinds of wildlife!

There are no fixed rules when it comes to stumperies, they can take any form you wish. So get creative and give it a go!

03 Aug 2017

A Relationship Set In Stone

We’ve been working with Global Stone since our business started in 2005, and have got to know the team there pretty well. Global Stone was formed around the same time as us, just down the road in Colchester, and we’ve forged a good relationship.
Global Stone supply us with sandstone, paving, walling, cobbles and porcelain paving, which is a really big trend right now. Porcelain paving is tougher than it sounds – it’s a ceramic outdoor slab that doesn’t absorb water, so it’s a brilliant low-maintenance option for an outdoor patio. It’s also strong, resistant to mould and moss damage, and won’t fade in the sun, which means if a particular colour is important to your garden scheme, it won’t lose its shade over time.
Sandstone is of course still really popular in many garden designs, and won’t stretch the budget as porcelain might. Global Stone’s range fits both modern and period schemes and is strong enough for driveways and patios, and we know that for many of our customers it’s the ideal solution for their garden schemes.
As Global Stone expands its product range, we look forward to working with our “old friends” and inspiring new landscapes.
03 Aug 2017

Autumn Update 2017

David King began his landscaping supplies business after a back injury took him away from building gardens himself. He’d noticed that he wasn’t always able to buy what he needed in the large quantities he required, so set up his own company. These days, he and his team (including his two daughters) supply landscapers and garden designers all over East Anglia and beyond, with more than 600 trade account customers, as well as members of the public. Designers and builders bring their customers into our Halesworth depot so they can see the full range of products Kings supply.

As we head into autumn, David and the team are preparing for a surge in public custom. Spring and autumn are the most popular seasons for taking on new garden projects. Sandstone paving is always popular in landscaping projects, as are railway sleepers and decking materials, as garden designers continue to explore the “outside living” trend. We’re also seeing an upturn in demand for porcelain paving, a strong, damage-resistant alternative to sandstone. Of course, turf remains popular, as people attempt to maximise their green space – but we’ve got half an eye on the weather, too… autumn and winter storms mean we’ll need to keep an eye on our stocks of fence panels!


03 Aug 2017

Blooming marvellous

As a local business, we think it’s really important that we get involved with our community. And as a landscaping materials supplier, it makes sense that we’re involved with the multi-award-winning Halesworth in Bloom team. 

Each year, this band of dedicated volunteers works tirelessly to improve the appearance of Halesworth via community horticultural projects. Kings Landscaping has supplied topsoil, compost, railway sleepers – pretty much whatever we’ve been asked for! Among other jobs, members of the Kings team have helped to fill large planters in the town centre and by the railway station.

And it’s not just us who rate Halesworth in Bloom – they’ve received a handful of Anglia in Bloom awards, among other accolades. 

Kings also used to sponsor the Halesworth Gig in the Park (before it became Big Gig) and supplied all the hi-vis equipment for the security personnel.

This year sees Kings Landscaping branching out into the world of sport. We’re sponsoring a local football team, Wenhaston United FC Reserves, who currently play in League A of the Suffolk and Ipswich Football League. Hopefully our backing will spur the lads on to great success!