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Albero Range Porcelain



Complete with ridges and knots, this stunning wood effect range will create a beautiful and timeless design with the practicality needed for outside use.

Product Information:

Porcelain is manmade from natural materials including highly refined and purified clay and finely ground sand. It is created by pressing and firing at very high temperatures, this results in virtually removing all the moisture, making it a highly durable product.

Available in 3 colours: Silvered, Oak and Chestnut

300 x 1200mm

20mm Thick

Benefits of porcelain are;

  • Slip Resistant, due to the very low moisture absorption.
  • Highly resistant to severe weather changes, making it less likely to be damaged.
  • Low maintenance properties, making it easier to clean. No sealants required.
  • Scratch and abrasion resistant.